Your Project: The Process Explained

Carrying out a construction project is a daunting thought for most and is most often the biggest investment a client will make after purchasing their home. Reading the process online does not do much in enlightening people embarking on a renovation of the process and what to expect during this process.

Your architect will follow a standard process for your project which is set out by the Royal Institute of British Architects know as The RIBA Plan of Work. Please click this link for the full details here [click]

Here at Uskuri Theobald Architects there are six main Work Stages that we cover during the progression of a construction project, taking us from inception through to completion on site. Below we will outline the six main Work Stages and what can be expected at each stage - in the most simplistic terms.

Work Stage 00 - Initial Consultation & Brief Preparation

This is when we meet a prospective client at their property for the first time. Our key objective is to establish a clear brief with the client and educate them on the processes that follow the initial consultation.

Work Stage 00 - What to expect

- 1 hour initial consultation and clients home

- Brief establish of proposed works

- Works Stages 01 to 05 explained in detail

- Post initial consultation: brief summary and fee proposal issued

Work Stage 01 - Site Measured Survey

The site survey is the first step of the process. The is a measured survey of the property which we typically carry out in house. All the information gathered will form the basis of all future works on the project.

Work Stage 01 - What to expect

- Access to the property, typically 3 hours is required [house size dependant]

- Full measured survey of all floors and key external information.

- All floor and roof plans drawn up in CAD

- All external elevations drawn up in CAD

- Preparation of site location and block plans

Work Stage 02 - Concept Design

This is when the process of designing begins. We will explore various different layouts, elevations, materials etc which most importantly delivers the clients brief set out during Work Stage 00. This is why having a clear brief from the off set if paramount.

Work Stage 02 - What to expect

- 3 initial design options provided

- 2 dimensional plans and elevations

- Mood board preparation for each initial scheme provided

- Design meeting to discuss the above

- Refinement of initial designs post meeting.

At this stage we also offer the option of adding to have a 3D model produced to help sign offFinal draft of drawings issued for approval. We create 3D sketch computer model, 3D Realistic renders and physical 3D printed models.

Work Stage 03 - Developed Design

On approval of the concept design, we will prepare all the required drawings and documentation necessary for planning submission to your local authority.

Work Stage 03 - What to expect

- Final plans, elevations and sections [where required] drawn up.

- Final 3 dimensional plan issued to client

- Design and Access statement

- Planning documentation/forms completed

- Planning submission made to local authority - Engagement with the local authority and case officer for the duration of the application

Work Stage 04 - Technical Design & Tender

Post planning approval we engage with the technical design of the project. This includes the coordination of the structural engineers details, all technical drawings and specifications required for full Building Control approval.

Additionally to the above we will also provide joinery drawings, bathroom drawings, plumbing and electrical intent, lighting layout and scope of works.

Work Stage 04 - What to expect

- Demolition plans, elevations and specifications

- Detailed construction plans, setting out and specifications

- Detailed external elevations, setting out and specifications

- Detailed construction sections and specifications

-1:5 Technical detailing - structural floors, walls, roofs, partitions

- Plumbing, fire, electrical and lighting intent

- Joinery drawings - Wardrobes, feature walls, coats cupboards, wall panelling Bathroom elevations, tile setting out, sanitary ware specifications

- Scope of works documentation

The drawings and specifications provided within Work Stage 04 with allow for a comprehensive tender of the project.

Tender Stage - What to expect

- Tender submission to 3 No. Contractors

- Tender day - Contractors invited to property, questions answered and client meet

- Review of tender costings and meeting to review with clients

- Contractor chosen to carry out the construction on site

Work Stage 05 - Construction

Once the client has chosen the contractor they would like to proceed with on site, we will draft up a JCT contract (or similar) between the client and chosen contractor and act as the Contract Administrator for the duration of the project. Our role would be to ensure that the project particulars are carried out as per the agreed scope of works and contract terms.

Work Stage 05 - What to expect

- JCT contracted drafted, all approved drawings and particulars provided forming the contract

- Site visits and valuations issued.

- Payment certificates issued monthly with retention held back

- Technical support provided on site where required

- Snagging and defects lists produced, and rectified by contractor prior to retention release.

- Completion certificate issued

Work Stage 06: Handover

Once the project is complete, the property is handed back over to the client and the defect liability period begins. The length of this period will be stated in the contract, but for residential projects is typically 6-12 months.

It is the clients responsibility to inform the contractor of any defects that appear during this time in relation to the construction work and the contractor must make good and remedy any defects in this time.

Work Stage 07: In Use

This stage is the aftercare stage which is useful for both the client and the architect. The client may require as built drawings, and the architect may require feedback on the building, such as how the building is performing in terms of energy consumption.

Here at Uskuri Theobald Architects we are always keen to stay in touch with clients once their project is complete and always welcome any questions and queries from past clients.

As you can see the process is quite a complicated one, with a whole host of information to digest at each stage. If you have any further questions on any of the above then please leave a comment below and we'll come back to you.

If you are interested in speaking to us about your own project then you can view our portfolio here [click] or email us on to book in your free initial consultation.

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